The story behind Panel

We built what we needed to run our agency

Why Panel?

Agencies are hard work

We started out as an agency building websites for a ton of small businesses. We quickly learned that any inefficiencies in our processes were compounded every time we took on a new client.

It’s not uncommon for an agency to use one system to manage domain names, another for hosting-related changes, and even more software for billing and supporting clients. Prior to Panel, that meant whenever someone needed help with their site, we had to look them up in one system, then access another system to dig into the details, and finally respond via yet another system.

That’s pretty painful, and unfortunately, it has been the norm.

Agency hosting reimagined

We know there’s a lot risk in adopting a new system, and even more so trusting your clients and recurring revenue with another company. As an agency ourselves, we built Panel with these concerns in mind.

Panel connects directly with your own Stripe account to process credit cards and ACH transactions, so you keep ownership of your billing data no matter what. If you want to offer your clients the ability to register and manage domains through Panel, that will go through your own Enom account, which stays with you, even if you stop using our service.

You can either bring your own server, or we can assist you through our datacenter partner, Liquid Web. If anything ever tragically happens to us, you still retain root access to your servers, and all of your clients’ data. If we do ever go out of business, we are committed to releasing Panel as open-source software.

We designed Panel to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. Everything under one roof, without being locked in.

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